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 Welcome to Hajvery University (HU)

HU is a progressive University, centrally located in the heart of Pakistan's second largest city of Lahore. HU is fully accredited & recognized as an Autonomous Degree Awarding University by the Government, and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and relevant bodies such as Pharmacy Council of Pakistan, Pakistan Engineering Council and other. HU has 4500+ male & female students.

The University strives to become a World class centre of Learning, Research, and Knowledge exchange, focused towards improving the quality of Teaching, and producing cutting-edge Research. HU is also home to some very unique research projects and initiatives in Pakistan. Currently, HU is expanding its Campuses to other cities of Pakistan, as well as Internationally to Dubai. For details about our Academic Programs and the University, please browse our award winning website. Read More


  • The University Administration has decided to extend the summer vacations till August 17, 2014.The University will now resume on Monday, August 18, 2014 at 09:00 am Inshallah.

  • Presidents Program for Highly Qualified Pakistanis approves request to invite leading Professors from Hasselt University, Belgium and University of East London, UK to teach at Hajvery University.

  • Hajvery University launches Center of Entrepreneurship & Leadership to create and assist Student Enrepreneurs.
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Dr. Arif Rafiq's, research article ‘On the Rate of Convergence of Kirk-Type Iterative Schemes,’, has been published in Journal of Applied Mathematics, Volume 2012, Article ID 526503, 22 pages, which is an internationally indexed research journal, with an impact factor of 0.656.

Dr. Arif Rafiq's, research article ‘Implicit Mann Type Iteration Method Involving Strictly Hemicontractive Mappings in Banach Spaces’, has been published in Journal of Applied Mathematics, Volume 2012, Article ID 294718, 11 pages, which is an internationally indexed research journal, with an impact factor of 0.656.

Dr. Arif Rafiq's, research article ‘On convergence theorems of iterative scheme for pseudocontractive mappings,’, has been published in East Asian Mathematical Journal, Volume 28 (2012), No. 3, pp. 1{6, which is an internationally indexed research journal by Zentralblatt MATH.

Dr. Arif Rafiq's, research article ‘Implicit iteration scheme for three hemicontractive mappings’, has been published in International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 78 No. 2 2012, 289-297 which is an internationally indexed research journal by SCOPUS.

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  • Ph.D./ Master Faculty


    • Deputy Controller Examination
    • Executive Director
    • Administrator / Senior Admin Executives
    • Students Affairs Executive Female
    • Accounts Officer

    For the complete list of Job Openings at HU & details on How to Apply: click here

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    Hajvery University Official Magazine : JUNOON

    Students Societies at HU always arranging exciting events at the university on a weekly basis, from organizing national conferences to concerts and talent shows.  Junoon magazine captures all the events with...Read More

    Joys of Ramazan at Hajvery University!

    Ramazan is a month of blessings for Muslims world over, at HU it's even more special as the University arranges for Iftari & Dinner for 900-1000 underprivileged people on a daily basis. The people are seated in the...Read More


    Pakistan Tennis Hero Aisam ul-Haq Quershi visted Hajvery University (HU) along with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital to create awareness about Cancer treatment and to raise funds for the Construction of Shaukat...Read More


    Hajvery University hosted one day National Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance. The National Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance was attended by prominent speakers who shared their views with the...Read More


    THURSDAY, April 03, 2014 - Lahore—Hajvery University (HU) hosted a lecture by Mr. Sohail Warraich on Why I am so Optimistic about Pakistan?  He delivered a motivational address to the students on the positive...Read More

    CELEBRATIES AT HU – Workshop by Noor-Ul-Hassan and Madiha Gohar

    Hajvery University (HU) students of Performing Arts and Dramatic Society (PADS) invited the two most popular celebrities of Pakistan Noor-ul-Hassan and Madiha Gohar. Exceptional people from the Media industry in...Read More

    Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-i (theory)


    Role of pharmaceutical biochemistry in the health profession. Nature of biochemical reactions.
    2. BASIC CHEMISTRY OF BIOMOLECULES (Nature, Classification etc.)

    (a) Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Classification, Reactions of Carbohydrates, Optical activity, Biological and pharmaceutical importance of carbohydrates.

    (b) Lipids: Chemistry of Fatty acids and Lipids, Classification (Saponifiable andnon-saponifiable lipids, Simple, Complex and derived lipids), Reactions of Fatty acids and other Lipids, Essential fatty acids, Biological and pharmaceutical importance of lipids.

    (c) Proteins and Amino acids: Chemistry, Classification of proteins and amino acids,Reactions of proteins and amino acids, Organizational levels, Macromolecular nature of proteins, Biological and pharmaceutical importance of proteins and amino acids.

    (d) Nucleic acids: Chemistry, Types (DNA, RNA, Mrna, Trna, Rrna), Purine and Pyrimidine bases, Nucelosides, Nucelotides, Structures of nucleic acids, Biological and pharmaceutical importance of nucleic acids.

    (e) Vitamins: Chemistry, Classification (Fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins), Biological and pharmaceutical importance of vitamins.

    (f) Hormones: Chemistry, Classification (Proteinous and nonproteinous hormones, amino acid derivatives, steroids), Biological and pharmaceutical importance of hormones.

    (g) Enzymes: Chemistry, Classification, Mode of action, Kinetics (Michaelis Menten Equation and some modifications), Inhibition, Activation, Specificity, Allosteric enzymes, Factors affecting the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, Biological and pharmaceutical importance, Mechanism of action of some important enzymes (Chymotrypsin, Ribonuclease).

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